Green Earth Community

Boost the Green Earth Program through International Partnerships / Cooperations and the Green Earth Community

Purpose and scope of the Green Earth community:

The Green Earth Community aims to advance the knowledge and application of technologies based on induced biological soil crusts (iBSCs) for reversing desertification. The larger scale application of BSC technology will help land managers and governments to fight desertification which will be for the benefit of life on Earth. The community will identify key areas related to the large-scale application of BSC technology and the production of carbon sinks enabling the regrowth of natural vegetation.

Green Earth Community is the dedicated space for community members.

  • Feature key thought-leaders contribution to the central topic of Biological Soil Crusts and their contribution for the reduction of desertification and mitigating of climate change by acting as carbon sinks
  • Develop and promote broad programs around induced Biological Soil Crusts and their large-scale application to reduce desertification
  • Discuss and implement follow on programs on ecosystem restoration


  • Academics, University Labs, Research Institutes
  • Algae Industry and other Technological / Biological suppliers
  • NGO’s, Non-Profits, Foundations
  • Industry Associations
  • VC’s/Private Equity/Capital
  • Other Thought Leaders

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